Random stories from very random days

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Random Stories from Very Random Days

There are thousands of stories to be told each day. These tales can range from the mundane to the extraordinary. The goal of this blog is to tell some of these stories. The difference here is these stories take place behind bars, well at least it is where the story begins.

I had the misfortune of being incarcerated for the better part of five years. During this period, I spent time in police detention, a short term prison and a long term penitentiary. Each environment offered unique and interesting scenarios. You spend a great deal of time and effort adapting to and adjusting to each new setting.

You meet a lot of interesting people during your time inside. Some become friends, other’s you probably want to avoid. It is quite the task figuring out who fits into which category but your life depends on it, so it is best to figure it out. 

These stories are not about truth and justice because that is a much bigger story in and of itself. Instead, these stories are meant to be uplifting, thought provoking, heartbreaking or hopefully entertaining. They are simply musings of one person's time on the inside.

There is no particular order in which these stories appear. The randomness of the order is a true reflection of how this whole thing went down. 

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